Delivery FAQ

Delivery is 100% FREE! We do not have a fee for delivery, but we do require a minimum purchase amount of $60.
Please check out our delivery schedule, which is a link at the top of the page title Delivery Schedule. Or you can click here.
After placing your order, you will first receive a confirmation notification that thanks you for submitting your order and lets you know that the evening before the date you are scheduled to receive your order that we will send you another notification provide you with a delivery window. Aside from those two notifications, the morning of your date of delivery you receive another notification with an ETA and a link to track your driver’s progress.
We are unable to accommodate a request for a delivery at a specific time (such as 4PM), but we do try to accommodate requests for deliveries before or after a certain time (before 4PM, or after 4PM). Please note that these requests may not be possible to accommodate. If you are unavailable to be present to receive your delivery (and do not have a licensed caregiver that could receive it) we ask that you contact us at: 305-912-2929 and from there we can see about rescheduling your delivery.
This may be the result of the drivers encountering heavy traffic, inclement weather, or some other unforeseeable circumstances such as accidents or car trouble. We appreciate your understanding and still do our absolute best to deliver your medication in a timely fashion.
At this time we are unable to offer same-day delivery. Depending on which county you reside in, you may be eligible for next-day delivery. Please reference our delivery schedule to see how frequently we deliver to your area to know if this is an option for you. Additionally, all orders must be submitted by 6PM to qualify for the next-day delivery.
While we are unable to deliver to your specific county, we can deliver to almost any address you provide us with within one of the other counties near you that is eligible for delivery. Some patients provide an address for a convenience store or a friend’s house. Please note that you are still required to be present to receive your delivery unless you have a licensed caregiver. We are unable to deliver to government buildings, parks, churches, and schools.
Yes, you are welcome to tip your driver at your discretion.
Yes, please have identification and payment ready for when your order arrives.
Your delivery window for each order may vary depending on the number of orders the driver has on their route, and how far apart the delivery addresses are.
Your delivery window for each order may vary depending on the number of orders the driver has on their route, and how far apart the delivery addresses are.
Please contact us at 305-912-2929 so we can see if an adjustment to your order is possible prior to it arriving.
We understand that our patients may have things they need to do while waiting for their order to be delivered, and so the drivers are able to wait for at most (5) minutes before they will need to proceed to the next stop. This is to prevent the remainder of orders on the driver’s route from being too delayed and so the drivers can make it back to HQ in a timely fashion.
Yes, we perform our deliveries in unmarked vehicles.
Yes, we perform our deliveries in unmarked vehicles.
For any individual besides yourself to accept and pay for your order, they are required to be licensed (in Florida) as your caregiver in the medical marijuana program. Please note power of attorney is not sufficient.
No, the drivers will need to meet with you face-to-face for you to receive your order. Aside from payment, they will also need to verify your identification and need your signature to document that you did indeed receive your delivery.

Discounts, Ordering, & the Checkout Process FAQ

In truth it depends on which county you live in. Please refer to our Delivery Schedule to know when we deliver to your area.
Currently we do not happen to have any physical, brick-and-mortar locations where you could pick up your order. We only offer delivery at this time.
No, discounts are unable to be stacked on top of each other or be used on items that are on sale.
No, you do not have to use that discount on your actual birthday. We allow patients to use that discount within the month of their birthdate. (If your birthday is 3/26, you have the entire month of March to use it).
Yes, you can still place an order for delivery even if your recommendation is not open yet, but it must be open on the date your order is being delivered. Please make a note in the delivery instructions section of the checkout process that you are aware your recommendation doesn’t open until ______.
All information that is relevant to your order being delivered can be inputted in the Delivery Instructions section. Friendly reminder, we do our best to accommodate before/after certain time requests, but it is not guaranteed.
Please put a note about wanting to apply your discount in the Delivery Instructions section of the check out process. If you are a first-time shopper with us, please note that we now require documentation of recipient/participant status for the group discounts: Veteran, pediatric, senior, industry, SNAP).
You can either upload your documentation in one of the upload spots during the checkout process or email it to us at We will need the documentation prior to being able to apply the discount.
Yes, in the event you did not receive that notification please contact us at 305-912-2929 and we can provide the information to you!
We accept cash and canpay as methods of payment which is collected at the time you receive your order. Unfamiliar with canpay? Check out their website for more information.
Yes, patients must be licensed specifically with the state of Florida to be able to shop with us. Presently Florida does not recognize other state’s medical programs, so even with a medical card from another state we unfortunately are not able to deliver to you.
Beyond our consistently offered group discounts, some of our discount/promo codes are specific to certain events we held or a select group of people for a special holiday (such as Veterans for Memorial Day). Although you might have located the promo code, unless you qualify for the code it will not be applied.
Please contact us at 305-912-2929 so we can see if an adjustment to your order is possible prior to it arriving.
Our loyalty program and the checkout process are linked, so if you made an account the last time you shopped with us, simply login to your account when you go to checkout and you will see what you are able to redeem. If you did not sign up for an account the last time you shopped with us, but you are enrolled in our loyalty program (and do not wish to make an account) please put a note in the Delivery Instructions section that you wish to redeem ____ points.
Yes, we treat the loyalty rewards/points as cash so they can be used in conjunction with either or both.

General FAQ

The Flowery is a family owned & operated company built on the principle of “farm to table medicine.” Our product is grown in an environmentally-controlled 100% indoor facility and cared for by hand from seed to sale.
We recently broke ground on a new cultivation site, extraction facility, and are finalizing a lease on our first dispensary.
Yes, new strains are constantly growing. We cultivate small-batches and are constantly pursuing the finest medicine. Please be sure you keep an eye on our social media pages and enroll in our loyalty program to know when we release new products!
Yes, you earn a point per dollar. It is redeemable in two increments: 420 points for $60 off, and 840 points for $120 off. You can sign up by clicking here.
Yes, we have a link at the top of the page with them titled Certificates of Analysis. You can also simply click here.
Yes, we absolutely do! #freetheplant
Cannabis strains today are completely different than what they were even 100 years ago. Originating in Northern India, cannabis was brought all over the world, where it rapidly developed different strains to adapt to the different environments (it's called "weed' for a reason.) These are the old land-race strains that were bred together to create cannabis today. This means that the "parents" of [strain] have some pretty complex genetic backgrounds. When you breed them together, it's like having genetically-different offspring, and some of the seeds can produce plants with completely different colours, smells, and appearances! However, we select the best plants that exhibit the greatest medicinal effects, whilst looking and tasting amazing.
There are very few medications that interact negatively with cannabis. Some medications are processed in the body with the same enzymes (digestion-proteins,) as cannabis, but these interactions are never dangerous. You should always consult a physician before taking medicinal cannabis!
Cannabis-based medications act on the endocannabinoid system, a group of lock-like receptors activated by key-like cannabis chemicals. This system can treat and regulate basically every system in your body! Cannabis is a plant that produces many complex chemicals that nearly perfectly mimic these receptors in your body and brain. In fact, they are some of the only compounds that are not an exact copy of a human chemical that are still perfectly digested by your body. This means with cannabis you're getting the effective treatment of over 100 pharmaceuticals in one plant-based, non-toxic, no side-effects medication!
We are always accepting resume submissions and review them first when we have open positions. Please submit them here.

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Find A Physician

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Apply For A Card

Once you have a physician's approval, the next step is to apply for a Florida Medical Card through the FL Department of Health OMMU. Click the button below to start the process.

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Plant Medicine is the most unique medicines in the world. Unlike others, the chemicals within plants perfectly imitate those already in your body. In fact, we have an entire system within us devoted to plant-medicine receptors. Because of this, plant medicine is truly a holistic medicine that can be used to treat a mind-boggling number of illnesses. But how does it actually work?

How does it all work?

A cannabinoid is any chemical that interacts with your endocannabinoid system, a collection of receptors that act as “locks” which are activated by specific “keys.” This system deals with inflammation, pain, appetite, mood, and so much more. Cannabinoids are the specific “keys” to this system, and they interact with 2 different types of receptors in your endocannabinoid system, CB1 receptors found in the brain, and CB2 receptors in the body.

Your body creates cannabinoids all the time that activate these receptors. These are called endocannabinoids. 

The cannabis plant produces chemicals called phytocannabinoids. These cannabinoids mimic the shape of endocannabinoids, and are able to fit into the “lock” or receptor of the endocannabinoid system, and activate it. It is thought that a lot of diseases may be caused by an imbalance in these endocannabinoids, and so extra cannabinoids in the form of phytocannabinoids can be used to restore the endocannabinoid system to full health.

So, What are Terpenes?

These chemicals are shared amongst plants and give them their fragrance and taste. These are the chemicals that make cannabis strains have their specific taste. For example, strains high in limonene taste like citrus, whilst strains high in terpinolene taste like sweet petroleum-you have to taste it to believe it! More than just making our strains taste amazing, terpenes also give strains their specific effect. Strains high in limonene and terpinolene are noted to be more “uplifting” and mentally-stimulating, whilst strains high in myrcene and caryophyllene result in complete muscle-relaxation, and even increase the amount of THC in the bloodstream. This is why at The Flowery we strive to produce the tastiest, most fragrant flowers, because we know that this will not only result in the optimum smoking experience, but also have the maximum medical effects and benefits.

For your reference, a list of common terpenes and their flavors/effects are listed below.


Flavors: Pine, rosemary
Effects: Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, aids memory, aids breathing



Flavors: Citrus, oily, spicy
Effects: Anti-inflammatory, cell-protectant

Caryophyllene Oxide

Caryophyllene Oxide

Flavors: Clove, peppery, spicy, woody
Effects: Antifungal



Flavors: Citrus, juniper, lemon, peppermint, rosemary, tangerine
Effects: Immune stimulant, antidepressant, anti-anxiety



Flavors: Candy, spice, floral, herbal
Effects: Anti-anxiety, anticonvulsant, sedative



Flavors: Berry, floral, sweet, woody
Effects: Sedative, anti-fungal, skin protectant



Flavors: Creamy, earthy, floral, vanilla
Effects: Anti-insomnia