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Housed in a brand new, 100,000+ sq.ft., state-of-the-art indoor facility to give our plants the optimal conditions to grow to their maximum abilities. Through partnerships with the best producers in the industry, we have curated some of the most sought-after strains and products to bring to the Florida market. We also built dedicated spaces to allow for various extraction labs, including specifically designed areas to support a core partner, 710LABS and bring to market their best-in-class, solventless extracts.

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We’re patients too! every aspect of The Flowery is tailored to provide the best experience possible. Growing excellent grade flower, collabing with brands who have built the culture of this industry for the last decade, designing vibey and thoughtful retail shops, investing in people and leveraging technology, are all meant to ultimately result in an elevated and most convenient shopping experience.

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What the FAQ!?
Do I have to have a medical marijuana card to shop with you?
Yes, patients must be licensed specifically with the state of Florida to be able to shop with us. Presently Florida does not recognize other state’s medical programs, so even with a medical card from another state we unfortunately are not able to deliver to you.
I had an account I used with your old website. Do I have to register/create a new account?
Yes, any accounts you may have previously used to purchase through our old website are now non-compatible with our new website as we have changed some of the software and systems we use. One of the cool features of our new website is that it syncs with the state's registry and allows patients to see their available milligrams and allotment. To be able to do this, when you create your account some of the information must match exactly what is on the registry. You must use the same email address you used when you initially applied to the state for your medical card, your first and last names(s) must be entered exactly as depicted on the card (including any suffixes), and you have to enter the Patient ID, which is the P# above your name on the card, where it asks for the medical ID.
Do I have to be there to accept my order, or can I have a family member/friend/roommate accept it on my behalf?
For any individual besides yourself to accept and pay for your order, they are required to be licensed (in Florida) as your caregiver in the medical marijuana program. Please note power of attorney is not sufficient.
Are your delivery vehicles discreet?
Yes, we perform our deliveries in unmarked vehicles.
Can the drivers leave the order on my porch or in my mailbox?
No, the drivers will need to meet with you face-to-face for you to receive your order. Aside from payment, they will also need to verify your identification and need your signature to document that you did indeed receive your delivery.
Strain Release List
Upcoming pipeline of flower varieties
Gastro Pop #4
by The Flowery
Legend OG
by The Flowery
Bubblegum Drop #5
by The Flowery
Musty Buffalo
by The Flowery