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Delivery Regions Coverage

We are based out of Homestead (1 hour south of Miami). Yup!  We have an amazing team of drivers willing to go above and beyond to get you your meds.  

We have multiple dispensaries under construction in the Central and Northern parts of Florida.  We will be expanding our routes in the coming months!  

Please see the map below with our delivery region coverage:

Delivery Days by Region

First CoastEvery Day
Forgotten CoastEvery Day
Emerald CoastEvery Day
CentralEvery Day
Central NorthEvery Day
Central SouthEvery Day
Culture Coast Every Day
Lee Island CoastEvery Day
Space CoastEvery Day
Treasure CoastEvery Day
South Dade/KeysEvery Day
Gold CoastEvery Day
Sun CoastEvery Day
Nature CoastSunday