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VIOLA teams up with The Flowery to bring culture, community and exclusive strains to the Florida market

The Flowery is proud to announce our new partnership with VIOLA. For those who are unfamiliar with the VIOLA brand, here’s a little overview;

VIOLA is a premium cannabis company that has garnered significant attention within the industry since it started. Founded by 16 year NBA veteran, Al Harrington, the company is dedicated to delivering exceptional cannabis products while fostering a positive impact. As the largest Black-owned premium cannabis brand, VIOLA uses its platform to uplift, empower, and educate people of color with its incubator, philanthropic endeavors, social justice initiatives, and initiatives focused on creating equity in the cannabis industry.


“We are very excited to continue to bring real culture brands to The Florida market with a commitment to QUALITY and the MOVEMENT. VIOLA ticks all the boxes. Like us and the rest of our brand partners, VIOLA is built of a group of consumers with genuine passion for what they do. “

Elad Kohen, CEO of The Flowery

Founded in 2011 in Colorado’s medical market, the VIOLA brand was inspired by Al Harrington’s grandmother who had long suffered from glaucoma. He convinced her to try cannabis, which relieved her symptoms, and demonstrated the power of the plant. He told the story in detail to GQ magazine in February of 2018;


“How I got into the business was my grandmother, when I was playing for the [Denver] Nuggets. I think it went legal [in Colorado] in ‘09, and I was there ‘10 to ‘12. I’m one of those guys that loves to read the newspaper after games, just to see if somebody’s talking shit, so I was reading about all the beneficial things about cannabis, and how it was helping sick people.

My grandmother had come [to Denver], and she had put all this medicine up on the counter. And I’m just like, Grandma, damn, what’s all that medicine for? She was like, I have glaucoma, I got diabetes, I got this, I got that. That’s what I gotta take. I asked how she felt, and she said terrible. I still had never smoked weed a day in my life, but I’m like, Grandma, you know, they talk about medical marijuana can help this, that, and the other. And she was like, What is that? And I was like, You know, marijuana, weed. She was like, “Reefer? I ain’t smoking no reefer, boy, you better get outta my face!” Alright, grandma.

So the next day, I come home, she’s sitting in my kitchen, same spot, in pain again. So I said, Grandma, look: I don’t really know if it’s going to work or not. But just give it a try. And I really wanted to see my grandma high, you know what I’m saying? Just to see what would happen! And she said yes. I went upstairs, and I woke up from my nap an hour and a half later to go check on her. I crack the door and she turns to look over her shoulder, and she’s crying tears. I said, “Grandma, are you ok?” And she said, “I’m healed. You know I haven’t been able to read the words in my Bible for over three years?” I saw cannabis give her that much relief.

The fact that she could almost see clearly again, it changed my life. I started reading up on it, seeing how it helps kids with epilepsy and different issues: anxiety, cancer, HIV patients, quality of life. I’ve even read some stories where people have been cured from cannabis. So I decided to get in.”

Excerpt from GQ Interview By Sam Schube
VIOLA Founder and NBA Veteran Al Harrington

Given VIOLA’s thoughtful approach to partnerships, there’s of course a special parallel between VIOLA and The Flowery as family-owned cannabis brands. Both brands were founded with a strong sense of purpose and a commitment to quality and have since grown into successful businesses.

Long time competitor on the court and brother off the court – Allen Iverson became partners with VIOLA in 2021. Iverson was inspired by Al’s commitment to destigmatize the plant and create opportunities for people of color, which made the partnership a no-brainer.

Our very own Director of Retail Operations at The Flowery, Ilya Shmidt and Harrington, were actually longtime friends before this partnership ever emerged, further showcasing the overlap in values from both teams. VIOLA’s national success has paved the way for expansion into 6 states and Canada, and The Flowery team is honored to exclusively offer their medical cannabis products in Florida

“I’ve been a fan of VIOLA for years; their brand is associated with top quality. Al and I have a relationship that spans back to my time in the California market. With VIOLA’s dedication to their medicine, it’s a natural alignment with The Flowery’s core values. I’m very proud that we can introduce such a strong brand partnership to the MMJ program here in Florida“

Ilya Shmidt, Director of Retail for The Flowery.

“We’ve been eyeing the Florida market for a few years but wanted to make sure we were able to lock in the right partner. Ilya and The Flowery team not only understand the importance of quality when it comes to our product but are also aligned with our values for the community and culture. I’m excited to work with them and bring VIOLA to the people of Florida”

Al Harrington, VIOLA

By staying true to their values, both VIOLA and The Flowery offer something unique in the cannabis market. Together, they prioritize quality over quantity and are committed to providing a personalized and authentic experience for their patients.


Stay tuned for 6 VIOLA strains dropping very very soon…