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Sherbinskis: World-famous Gelato strains, Now Available in Florida
Gelato: (Noun) 
  1. Italian or Italian-style ice cream. (ex.”raspberry tart topped with vanilla gelato”)

The word Gelato can mean different things to different people. Many would associate it with world renowned Italian ice cream, but Gelato actually takes on a distinct meaning in the cannabis community representing a shift in quality and culture. The Gelato strains symbolize the fusion of craft cultivation and music cultures that Sherbinskis perfectly captured and the “rapper weed” strain reflects a moment when designer genetics gained prominence in mainstream media. Future, Berner, The Lox, Young Dolph, and many other rappers have featured this strain. In 2017 Calvin Harris, Frank Ocean and Migos released ‘Slide’ with the lyrics “..while I sit back and smoke gelato” – on a radio released song. It was buzzin’, you had to be there.

” Playing around in my garage, we made a strain named Gelato. And it changed the world. “

Mario Guzman, Founder of Sherbinskis

The early days were much humbler. Mario Guzman, AKA Mr. Sherbinskis actually started out in California in the sunset district in the early 2000’s, at a time when there weren’t many dispensaries in the US, yet. Mario naturally gravitated toward the urban farmer movement where he later created the world famous Gelato. “Playing around in my garage, we made a strain named Gelato. And it changed the world.” – Mario Guzman, Founder of Sherbinskis

The Sherbinskis brand perfectly embodies California craft cannabis and joins The Flowery by launching world famous cultivars in the Florida medical market. Both brands are rooted in community, quality, and culture, forging a natural partnership that we’re glad to share with our patients!


We sat down with the father of Gelato for an interview focused on the brand, the origin story, and why they chose Florida.

What is unique to the Sherbinskis brand today?

Well, to start, we’ve come a long way; from starting the brand when California was a medical-only program 2-decades ago, and working through the legalization process to where we are now, it has been a  journey.

And yet, we see that the global cannabis market is in its infancy. Even after coming all this far, our vision is to expand the global footprint of Sherbinkis and the mission behind it. We will do this through great people here in the USA and beyond.

We are taking all our collective experience and genetics to join hands with new and old partners to carry us to the future of the global cannabis market. 

Now that Gelato has become a global household name, we are embracing its popularity and actively building relationships around the world with those who share our same ethos: the artisans, creatives, artists, and passionate cultivators who champion and advocate for the plant. 

Will you, Mario, be personally be involved in the launch in this market?

Yes, absolutely. I’d like for people in our industry here in Florida to get to know me better. I was one of the first individuals in the USA to advocate for the plant. In times when most growers were operating behind the scenes, I wanted to stand up and proudly defend what most of us believed was right. I will continue to spread this message, and I want people to know more about me, my views on culture and art, and community, and what makes me tick. 

There is so much opportunity for collaboration with the local community in those areas that I can’t begin to list the ideas.

Mario, what made you decide it was the right moment to bring Sherbinkis to Florida?

We have been excited about the possibility of growing Sherbinskis in Florida for quite some time, but for us, it’s not just about rushing to enter new markets; it is key to finding the right cultivator first and foremost. It’s really about finding good people, so that together we can develop Sherbinskis in the state of Florida.

It is through our relationship with The Flowery that we knew we had something special. Their cultivation expertise, their retail professionalism, and their understanding of the industry. They have brought some of the best brands to market, and we are excited that Sherbinskis is in great hands in Florida.

Lemon Mochi & Pledj are the two strains launching on Friday 09/08.  


What is the significance of the orange color in Sherbinskis? 

I chose orange for multiple reasons. It represents the sun and the light that allows cannabis to grow and that gives us life. Orange is one of the most spiritual colors, if you pay attention, Buddhist monks use it, and it’s a reminder of letting go of materialism, of meditative practices, and of being compassionate.  

Is there something to the history of Sherbinskis that few might know?

I’ve always been vocal about cannabis, so our journey has been quite public from the beginning; but I’m not sure if people know that I am the son of a Mexican immigrant in northern California, where I grew up. 

This is where I got my love for cannabis from the beginning; living and growing in that community where you felt the energy of the plant — it was natural to fall in love with the culture and the medicinal values that it brings.

At the same time, I saw how the laws back in the day were misaligned to the nature of cannabis. I saw how minorities especially were treated, and the toll the war on drugs took on them. 

Just like people were farming fruit and vegetables, cannabis was and remains a big part of the community.  Legalization has come a long way but much more must be done.


What else can we expect? Any plans for new genetics?

Back when I created Gelato, I was pleasantly surprised by how the global cannabis community embraced it. I want to continue evolving the Gelato lineage, work with the breeders that made it their own, and ultimately make the best medicine we can offer.

We will take our time, but you can expect to see a lot of Sherbinskis on the horizon. 

Be sure to watch our Real Talk video interview series with Mario. We hope you enjoy!