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Designer Cannabis & Terp Sweat: Legendary Doja launching in Florida!

When you think of cannabis brands with a global presence, a strong Insta following and a knack for smoking on the latest and greatest – @Doja.Pak, AKA Doja Exclusive almost always comes to mind. Famous in all cultivation circles, Doja has been known to source the best of the best.

Known for working with rare and official breeders who later pheno hunt even further until they find one that meets the Doja standard. Doja represents a category dubbed Designer Cannabis and partners with cultivators to find and produce top tier cannabis.


” We represent the independent players and hustlers. We stand for GOOD weed and the culture that surrounds it. We are the last hit on the joint of some fire you can’t wait to twist up again. “ – Doja Exclusive

Doja famously showcases his QC by showing a perfect roll and burn of his latest flower, usually a 2 or 3g straight bar roll with serious terp sweat. Doja and few others have really brought 2-gram organitip handrolls to the limelight in recent years, shifting consumer interest from classic cone shaped prerolls to hand crafted 2 and 3g bars.

It seems like everyone who knows, knows Doja, too. From patients and fans navigating instructions to a secret sesh, to collaborating with massively popular brands like Preferred Gardens, Wizard Trees, Backpack Boyz and more – Doja is on point.

The Flowery is proud to welcome Doja Exclusive to our house of brands and will be launching famous strains; 11:11, Helium, and Permanent Marker.