About Us

As five generations of growers, we are real and down to earth with humanity and humility in everything we do. Plants are our life’s craft; we find joy and take pride in growing the healthiest plants and sharing them with others.

We are flower focused, and when our patients experience our products, it’s a handshake with our grower at our Homestead nursery. We control every stage of the process, from seed to sale.

We aim to provide an authentic experience with an unmatched product, cared for by humans, delivered with a personalized touch. We’re farmacists, not pharmacists, and when you’re a patient at The Flowery, you’ll experience our promise – we are here to lift you up.

Our Mission

Our team is focused on delivering a great personalized experience for our patients.

In a corporate world dominated by big pharma, we provide an alternative choice to the coldly clinical medical experience.

Our people are the heart of our business, they're the soil that gives life to The Flowery.

We are dedicated to changing and improving lives by producing the highest quality Cannabis, and doing it all with our local focus, and heirloom growing practices.

Real People. Real Results.

We are daydreamers who love to sail, surf, and fish. We feel the force of nature in our everyday life. We love to dance the night away. We are poets with a dreams, warriors for love, and are willing to bleed for a cause.

Our passions in everyday life bleed through to our professional lives. We work tirelessly to provide the absolute highest-quality product that we can offer.

Quality Matters

Our 100% indoor facilities give our plants the most controlled environment possible, and to that extent, we spared no expense.

From hand-trimming the flower buds, to hand-delivering your order, there is care and passion in everything we do.

We know that the impact our business makes doesn't stop once our products are out the door.

So we use the most biodegradable containers available. The finest flowers deserve the finest packaging.

Cannabis Makes Everything Better

Our homegrown culture and obsession with cannabis cultivation makes our products the best-in-class. We strive to support and inspire the wellness and overall lifestyle of our patients. The heart of our brand and our behavior is a deep understanding that we're helping people through the miracle of marijuana.

Our Pricing

As Florida’s only family-owned and operated medical marijuana producer we put unmatched care into the genetic selection, growing methods, and post-harvest processing that goes into every gram of medicine we sell. We do this because we know that better flower quality means better healing for our patients; we do this because our quality is a direct reflection of our family’s promise to those who rely on us.

In short, it costs more to grow better – we pay more for our starting materials, our organic nutrients, our completely environmentally-controlled cultivation facility, and and our valued employees so that they pour the same amount of love into every crop as we do!

With all that said, we hear you and we are going to work to bring down the costs to grow our high-quality flower in the coming months and years. In the meanwhile, we hope you will be willing to give us a try and we trust you’ll notice the difference.

Local Roots

We are proud Floridians that love our state and everything in it. Starting with the many diverse  cultures in it, through its rich (and at times; wild) history, the ocean-centric salt life and the overall Florida lifestyle.

We aim to highlight our local connection and empower all fellow residents and Florida as a whole by providing a positive reflection of our great state.